About Us

BEAUUUTY Team is a group of young, modern and curious guys who never stop on the way to discover new trends which designed to make your skin healthy and lively. At the same time, we aim for nature and choose the products among the variety presented on the global market very thoroughly. We are concerned that the products you use consist of safe and natural ingredients, help to enhance your natural beauty and be efficient in resolving all kind of problems you may have. We used to try every product before offering it to you, to make sure it is something your skin will love and be grateful for your choice!

Why Beauuuty.com

You may be wondering why K-beauty care products are so popular nowadays? The answer is clear and lays beneath the surface. Since the Koreans considered that the outside appearance affects the interior, the use of cosmetics has a great importance in their lives. It's all about different approach of nourishing your skin so it looks amazing without make-up, rather than investing in products to cover it up.
There are a lot of advantages of using K-beauty care products, the most significant which as follows:
- Korean cosmetics are not tested on animals.
- All Korean beauty skin care products are formulated with natural ingredients in order to prevent the onset of allergies, redness and irritation.
- While buying beauty products, checking the composition label is very important.
- K-beauty skin care products are often packaged in eye-catching manner, with lots of color and fun.
- K-beauty products are too cute to ignore, but they also provide a health benefits.
- Excellent results for affordable price which make K-beauty products even more attractive for purchasers.

Best Brands

We cooperate with the most famous Korean cosmetics brands, among which are CosRX, Holika Holika, SkinFood, Missha, TonyMoly, Tiam, Son&Park, It’s Skin, the Saem, Tosowoong, Elizavecca, Innisfree and many more. All these brands have their own concept of beauty, but the common feature for all K-beauty products produced by different Korean brands are their organic nature, and unique benefiting eco-friendly ingredients such as pearl, propolis, tremella mushroom and so on.
Even if you are a first-time user of the Korean beauty products and feel skeptical as to whether they are effective, there are a few reasons why we encourage you to give it a try. All Korean beauty products have less of chemicals in their compositions than their western analogues, their scope of reacting adversely on your body is significantly lesser. The natural composition makes it reliable to try the Korean beauty products on your skin. There is a huge variety of products you may choose from, try and continue its long-term use if you are convinced about its benefits.
Since we are committed to bring you the best quality and safest products, Korean beauty products are our undisputed favorite. Choose your best K-beauty care products among the great variety presented in our shop and make sure how unique and effective they are.

Stay beauuutiful with Korean-beauty care products and enjoy your well-groomed and healthy skin every day!

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