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Dr.G Korean Cosmetics Brand Logo

For over 14 years, My Skin Mentor Dr. G has delivered science-backed skin solutions for healthy and happy skin. Developed by Korean dermatologists and sold in 17 countries worldwide, My Skin Mentor Dr. G is a brand you can trust, especially if you have sensitive skin!

A global leader in clinical-grade, anti-aging and brightening solutions, My Skin Mentor Dr. G is a Korean and Dermstore-exclusive skincare brand that’s built upon legendary and innovative BB creams. Considered the best on the market, My Skin Mentor Dr. G’s beauty balms address a myriad of concerns including hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, dullness, sun damage, loose and sagging skin and even conditions like rosacea. No matter your skin type or concern, My Skin Mentor Dr. G has something just for you.

My Skin Mentor Dr. G skincare was created by Dr. Gun Y. Ahn, a well-known Korean dermatologist. As a child, he suffered facial burns, which motivated him to go into dermatology with a focus on skin pathologies and skin rejuvenation. His line is a division of Gowoonsesang, a cosmetics company in South Korea with the core values of providing healthy beauty based on skin science. Through in-depth research, powerful ingredients like Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) and cutting-edge technology, My Skin Mentor Dr. G strives to help you look and feel your best right now and for decades to come.

The No1 Cosmeceutical brand in Korea. Skin Mentor Dr.G strive its best effort to explain the root cause of skin problems and to keep your healthy beauty through in-depth research and skin science.

The cosmeceutical brand “Dr.G” was born based on the vision of taking care of skin daily for healthy skin. Skin Mentor Dr.G, who knows about skin the best, suggests an effective skin solution and promises to be always with you for your healthy & beautiful skin. Today, get your skin mentoring.