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Showing all 8 results

Launched in 2006 by Zenpia, Korean skincare brand Secret Key combines nature, beauty and skin sciences for its comprehensive product lines. The brand offers a complete skincare routine for specific concerns such as pore care, brightening, and whitening, skin repair, and lifting, sensitivity and hydration, as well as makeup, hair and body care products.

The young South Korean brand Secret Key was founded in 2004, however, in just 13 years it became widely known in all countries of Asia. Famous patches with raccoons became a real must-have for thousands of girls! And now the wide range of products developed by the brand includes BB creams, inexpensive tonics for the face, and anti-aging lines.

The slogan of the brand “The key to your beauty” and the tender green logo with a luxurious tree with keys are recognizable in all corners of the globe. The manufacturer is ready to pick up the key to the skin care of each girl! Secret Key has its own research center with modern equipment, as well as a constant dialogue with customers allow it to develop special products that take care of the beauty and health of the skin.

SecretKey finds the secret of beauty in nature and solves it by Natural Science. We will make an effort to find real beauty. Natural Extract, Secret Key uses natural extract and tries to make the cosmetic that can be safely for everyone. Beauty Therapy, Secret Key modernize the skin therapy following the wisdom of ancient sages and tries to make cosmetics which gives not only the beauty of skin but also peace of mind to you.