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Petitfée means “tiny fairy” in French. It is a brand that intends to deliver the “clear,” “clean,” and “pure” qualities of a tiny fairy to the consumer’s skin. As a result of intensive research on beautiful skin, Petitfee was able to specialize itself in making Hydrogel, which is also known as “water pocket” for its strong moisturizing effect.

Petitfee comes from forests with clear spring water, where small fairies live. Petitfee aims to make your skin as pure and clean as a fairy’s skin. Hydrogel is water in the form of jelly which gives skin exceptional hydration. It delivers moisture and effective ingredients deep into skin and invigorates the skin and eye.

Founded by NS Retail Co., Ltd. in 2007, PETITFEE specializes in daily facial and body care products that promote skin resilience and vitality. Getting its name from the French words “petit fée,” which means “tiny fairy,” the brand develops its avant-garde products from hydrogel, the jelly form of water that deeply moisturizes skin. The Gold & EGF Eye & Spot Patch, Gold Neck Cream and Gold & EGF Hydro Gel Mask Pack are among some of its bestsellers.

South Korean brand Petitfee has become world-known mainly thanks to its extraordinary eye patches of the highest quality. They have incredibly rich functionality and at the same time an affordable price. These patches have pleasant texture and fit tightly to the skin. Their effective impregnation is based on unique ingredients with a hypoallergenic formula. After use, your skin is instantly soft, moisturized and smooth.

Unique ingredients are used to develop brand products: pearl powder, colloidal gold, snail mucin, collagen, coenzymes Q10, ruby powder, EGF (epidermal growth factor), ginseng extract, green tea, bamboo. Depending on what skin problem you would like to solve, patches will have a different effect. You can choose the products for the fading skin, which have a pronounced anti-aging and lifting action, and you can find lighter moisturizing options.