Milky Piggy Glutinous Mask 80% Snail Cream 100ml

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Our favorite cream to reduce the appearance of wrinkles with an original elastic texture! This highly moisturizing facial cream contains 80% snail extract. Provides an anti-smudge, anti-wrinkle and highlighter effect.


This facial cream is so natural that apart from containing 80% snail extract, contains three different types of botanical oils, plus milk protein extract that helps cell regeneration, moisturizes in depth and leaves the skin soft and smooth. radiant.


Niacinamide, adenosine, snail mucus. These three ingredients together work to lighten hyper-pigmentation and discoloration, firm the skin and plump fine lines and wrinkles, and prevent new signs of aging from forming.

How To Use

  • After daily cleaning, apply an adequate amount of product on the face and spread evenly.
  • Give gentle massages until completely absorbed.


  • Anti-aging and moisturizing cream with an elastic texture
  • Helps the regeneration of the skin
  • Contains 80% snail extract
  • It has anti-stain and illuminating effect

Milky Piggy Glutinous Mask 80% Snail Cream 100ml How to use Description

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